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Marianna Grytsenko

Marianna Grytsenko

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I possesses excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills and the ability to develop and maintain mutually beneficial internal and external relationships.
My objective is:
 to obtain employment in the field of public relations, human resources that will allow me to use my ability to work with people and take advantage of my knowledge of English.
 to use my special knowledge and professional experience in a this sphere to full potential.
Yazaki Limited Liability Company - recruiter.
• following the agreed measures for the recruitment of new employees and to pre-select the job resumes;
• conducting of the standardized phone job interviews to select the final candidates to be invited;
• selection of candidates to the requirements of the company; pre-selection of candidates for vacancies companies.

PJSC "Zakarpathaz" - specialist in public relations, chief assistant

• preparation of press-releases about the company, corporate newsletters and other informational materials about the company to the media, preparштп public accounting documentation of the company;
• cooperation with the media;
• site content.

Experience of copywriter by writing articles for the site http://www.buyepc4u.org/.