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Ljubov Milimuk

Ljubov Milimuk

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Lyubov Mylymuk
 Cheboygan Area High School – Cheboygan, Michigan. (August 2013-June 2014)
 Kalush Secondary School #2 – Kalush. (1st grade). (2003)
 Lviv Secondary School #68 – Lviv. (2nd grade). (2004)
 Kalush Secondary School #2 – Kalush. (3rd - 10th grade). (2005 - 2013)
 Kalush Secondary School #2 – Kalush. (11th grade). (2014 – 2015)

 Experience in using oral English.
 Working as an oral English tutor.
 Working for many hours and on irregular schedule.
 Working as a city representative of Kalush FLEX (Future Leaders EXchange) Community. Cooperating with FLEX Alumni and American ambassadors.
 Experience in oral and written translation.
 Synchronized oral translation skills.
 Translation of science and social literature by interpretation of content from the Ukrainian school into English to use in the American school
 Developed interpersonal qualities and relationships while contributing to the local communities through volunteering.
 Developed English translation and editing skills in accordance with lexical, stylistic rules through learning the language for 7 years.
 Foreign Exchange Student in the USA. Future Leaders EXchange – FLEX. (August 2013 – June 2014)
 Ability to craft high-quality oral and written communication pieces to diverse groups of people in a timely, efficient manner – presentations.
 International brainset

Translation abilities:
Fluent languages:
 Ukrainian
 English
 Russian
 Polish
 Spanish
 German
 French

 Graduated from High School with a gold medal (the high school award for successful completion).
 United States Department of States Certificate for successful completion of the “Future Leaders EXchange 2013-1014” program.
 United States Department of State certificate of outstanding volunteer service for completing 100 hours of volunteering.

I have been learning English for 7 years and I have developed English translation and editing skills in accordance with lexical, stylistic rules. I have an experience in oral and written translation. I worked as an English tutor for Ukrainian employees and also as a translator for Ukrainian and Russian ambassadors in the United States during the FLEX ("Future Leaders EXchange") program (2013-2014). I am a city representative of the local FLEX community, working with Ukrainian youth and helping them to improve their language and leadership skills.